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Hi from Seattle USA!

I’m a media arts scholar who ran 2 media arts centers in Atlanta and 
Seattle in the 1980/90s and then got my PhD at Simon Fraser U. in 
Vancouver in Interactive Art and Technology in 2011. I taught media 
culture at University of WA Bothell for 7 years and now teach at Cornish 
College. I’m currently teaching a new interdisciplinary arts course with 
2 other professors based on the 1966 “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering” 
event that was also the subject of my PhD dissertation. We are teaching 
art students from across all disciplines the cultural histories of 
mid-20^th century art and technology that connect to the event and then 
they will be collaboratively re-presenting 5 of the performances using 
“new” technologies.

Here in Seattle, a group of us are also celebrating the 50^th 
anniversary of the “9 Evenings” event by producing a new series of art 
and technology collaborative performances in October 2016. You can find 
more information at www.9e2Seattle.com <http://www.9e2Seattle.com>


Robin Oppenheimer

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