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Sun Jun 12 18:31:32 AEST 2016

on the table next to me: Arturo Escobar's Territories of Difference: Place, Movements, Life, Redes; Flusser's Into the Universe of Technical Images, and Ed Dorn's Hello La Jolla (considering whether to replace it and other treasured Dorn books and pamphlets with the 1000-page Collected Poems). Next to the bed: Finnegans Wake and Wallerstein's World System, volume 3 (nearly completed, volume 4 to follow).I'm so fascinated by the electronic copy of Enrique Dussel's 20 Theses on Politics I will be getting a hard copy.  Like many, I have a pile of manuscripts and PhDs to occupy lots of the available reading space: one from last year to look out for this Fall is Andreas Broeckmann's Machine Art.
Reading time becomes precious, therefore tied to projects, which in the age of automated search and recommendation destroys the serendipity of wandering through libraries. Thanks for this initiative, restoring the kind of centripetal inspirations we all need

On 11 Jun 2016, at 01:02, Andrew Murphie wrote:

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Great idea ..

I have piles of books all around the house but also a number of devices with internet access ... in some of these piles

Naomi Klein This Changes Everything
Ken Wark Molecular Red
Paul Edwards A Vast Machine
Alfred Whitehead The Aims of Education
Nietzsche Writings from the Late Notebooks
Judy Atkinson Trauma Trails
Roland Faber The Divine Manifold
Pat Barker Toby's Room
Whitehead Process and Reality
Sherburne the key to the above
Erin Manning Relationscapes
Erin Manning A Minor Gesture
Steven Shaviro Discognition
Subhankar Banerjee Arctic Voices
Walt Whitman On the beach at night alone
Zen Poems
Jane Rawson and James Whitmore The Handbook for Surviving and Living with Climate Change
Matsuo Basho Lips Too Chilled
Yuk Hui On the Existence of Digital Objects
Brian Massumi Ontopower
Jason Moore Anthropocene or Capitalocene
Francois Bonnet The Order of Sounds
Isabelle Stengers Thinking with Whitehead
Stamatia Portanova Moving without a Body
Benjamin Bratton The Stack
Peter Fleming Resisting Work

That should do it .. of course, I'll never read all of this over summer and probably not over the rest of the year but I can give it a good go.


On 10 June 2016 at 14:40, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com<mailto:sondheim at panix.com>> wrote:
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Hi and thanks, reading and writing on the run -

Because we're on the road & traveling light (Providence RI to Atlanta Ga
to Victoria BC and back), the books I'm reading (or trying to read) have
had to have a real resonance -

Red Pine's translation of The Heart Sutra
Sibley's West Birds of course
The Blue Annals, George Roerich trans., 2 volumes (classical Tibetan
Recursiveness, Eilenberg and Elgot (category theory applied to recursion,
incredibly difficult for me)
Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics, Fernando Zalamea
The Portable Hakluyt's Voyages
International Radio Operator's Handbook, 1924
and trying to get something out of three volumes in the Demystified series
- Quantum Mechanics Demystified, String Theory Demystified, Quantum Field
Theory demystified
Just finished an amazing book, Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal, The Tragic
Menagerie, which I highly recommend!

We have a couple of thousand books, keep trading them in for others
because of lack of space. Several core subjects for me - Buddhist
philosophy (classical, Tibetan, Nagarjuna, etc.), cosmology and physics,
non-western language grammars, mathematics, digital music production,
guqin and shakuhachi texts, philosophy of media, deconstruction, early

On the road I tend to stare at pages a lot -

- Alan (just finished giving a talk at University of Victoria, Digital
Humanities Summer Institute, on gamespace/edgespace/blankspace; now two
more short presentations for the Electronic Literature Organization
Conference connected to DHSI as well)

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