[-empyre-] Week 2: Social Practice and the logics of Neoliberalism

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hi everyone,
In this week's discussion about the politics of social practice we'll shift
our focus to thinking concretely about the practices of a few of our
guests, and how those practices attempt to confront neoliberalism and
gentrification. Those guests are Miguel Elizalde, Erin McElroy, and Macon
Reed -- see bios below. I've asked each guest to simply describe a recent
or on-going project, and, where applicable, reflect on themes of social
practice and social reproduction that surfaced last week.

Miguel Elizalde (Spain / US) is a Spanish artist and educator living in
Winona, Minnesota. Words were his first tool, later was video and nowadays
is space & sound. Nowadays, most of his work is about the presence of
infrasound in public spaces, however, I continue using any of those three
tools depending of the project.

He also has 20 years of experience creating commercial communication
campaigns for all type of brands and companies. At this time, he holds the
position of Assistant Professor of Transmedia at Winona State University.

Erin McElroy (US) cofounded/directs the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project - a
data visualization, data analysis, and oral history collective documenting
the dispossession and resistance of Bay Area residents in the wake of the
Tech Boom 2.0. As a doctoral candidate in Feminist Studies at UC Santa
Cruz, Erin engages postsocialist analytics and critical race and ethnicity
studies to study tech-induced racialized dispossession in the Silicon
Valley region and in Romania. Erin holds a MA in Cultural Anthropology, is
a scholar with the “Oakland School” of Urban Studies, and is an active
organizer with the mutual aid collective Eviction Free San Francisco.

Macon Reed (US) is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose works probe the
notion of optimism through queer and feminist lens, examining the lines
between transformation and failure, trauma and healing, playfulness and
escapism. Drawing on rituals of normative enculturation with regard to team
socialization and competition, her work interrogates the limits of optimism
and the point(s) at which cheerfulness becomes self-destructive, with a
specific interest in physical performance and sculpture.

looking forward to a vibrant conversation,

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