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Alan, It is closer to me to a phenomelogy of abjection, of humiliation and
being overlooked. (Not that what you are referring to is not true or
relevant.) This election tilted in the rust belt states where for at least
twenty years the blue collar population was in a rut, economically stuck
with little expectation of improvement. Nobody did anything for them (with
the possible exception of the saving of the auto industry). He spoke to
them, and they elected him. The unfortunate thing is that nothing in the
*concrete* policies he is offering, as far as I can see, has anything that
will improve the blue collar lot. In fact, it will do the opposite. The
gigantic tax cuts (the  easiest and fastest laws the congress will put
through) will aggravate the vast divide. They seem to have been taken by a
snake oil salesman. I hope I am wrong. Of I am, it will make the result
maybe a bit more bearable.

As for the rest of the awful consequences of this result, you are right
--desire (or hatred) will probably be the emotions stoked to get the engine
running. Personally, I have been very reluctant to use the word "fascist"
when I didn't like someone or some decision. But what happened here is so
similar to what happened in the thirties in Europe, particularly in the
case of Mussolini. A leader who jutted his chin out and projected sexual
prowess, who inflamed the grievances (some of it justified) of the
populaca, while at the same time making alliances with the privileged, the
captains of industry, the Pope. A divided polity and spineless politician
who supported him believing they could control the guy. Then a militia
group that will "protect" the movement. Does it all sound similar?

A year ago, I would have said all this is not possible in this country.
There are laws, the constitution, etc. etc. But the open, unabashed
contempt for the law that Trump showed without any punishment and
rejection. Politicians for their venal purposes (a tax break here, a safe
congressional seat there, etc.) supported him.


On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 3:14 AM, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:

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> Not that it matters, but I've talked about a Trump win for the past
> fourteen months; I thought it inevitable - not because of policy, but
> because of a violent phenomenology of desire he played through. This is
> covered somewhat in the splatter text below. I'm too distraught to have an
> empyre discussion on aesthetic issues, at least at this point; I'd like to
> discuss what a phenomenology of desire might be - not only in terms of
> economic/sexist/racist fury, but also in relation to bodies and virtual
> attacks upon them. The public misogyny was nothing I've seen before; I want
> to understand this. We must learn how to resist, now, or at least open a
> discussion about this.
> Apologies if I'm wrong on this; it's difficult to think of anything else.
> - Alan
> On Tue, 8 Nov 2016, Alan Sondheim wrote:
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>> My name is Alan Sondheim and I approve this message. I'm an
>> artist, writer, and musician, working in entangled media.
>> Recently, I've been think of "semiotic splatter" - fragmented
>> and chaotic semiosis (the process of signification in language
>> or literature, the production of meaning), and splatter both as
>> control and dissolution. I use this term to indicate that
>> semiosis is never totalized, that it falls apart, fails,
>> coagulates and clumps; it's related to an incessant presencing
>> of material which appears more and more stale and derogated.
>> Semiotic splatter is related as well to strange attractors in
>> chaos theory and leads to the problematic of semiosis and
>> "coagulative hardening" - for example the rise of
>> totalitarianism out of (political, economic) chaos.
>> The semiotic splatter work is at
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/splatter.txt - a good introduction
>> to my work in general.
>> A word about my practice - to write and produce as continuous
>> praxis; ; I've been doing daily pieces (text/music/image/video)
>> since 1994, as an ongoing meditation - first, on 'cyberspace,'
>> but now extended elsewhere. The pieces are organized through a
>> series of texts; the most recent are at
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/uf.txt and
>> http://www.alansondheim.org/ug.txt .
>> Thanks to Murat, Renate, and Timothy, for the invitation to
>> participate for the week!
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