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Alan i think the parts of Hitler and Mussolinis discourses about the
importance of workers about the national pride and the longing for a
imperial past are relevant in Trump’s case as well.
I read some minutes ago 7 av each 10 of Trump’s voters wanted go back to
the 50's.
It means a time where the US was victorious white and wealthy where they
imposed the world "the American way of life" as model.
As Roland Barthes says it's a question of language :)

Den 9 nov 2016 14:34 skrev "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com>:

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> There is a huge difference; Hitler etc. ran on a platform which was
> (horribly) coherent; Trump splatters, not only in the attacks, but also in
> terms of coherency. This is a very different thing; it's not to say he
> isn't a thug - he is - but one who wants power above all, and is less
> concerned about its deployment. -
> Alan
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