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Ana, Alan,
Not in terms of wisdom perhaps, but in terms of economic condition the
choice the blue collar worker made was justified. We should not condescend.
If I am stuck in a place for years and years, I also would yearn for a time
when factories were churning out cars, etc. Both in Germany and Italy,
fascism rose out of a condition of chronic high unemployment and an economy
of low paying and temporary jobs (some of it just distributing political
hate filled leaflets) around it.People like Trump, Mussolini, Hitler
channel the energy of that hatred against an enemy that can be demonized.
About the condition of proloteriat prior to Fascism, the best work is
Fassbinder's Alexanderplatz (preferably the long, ten (?) episode T.V.


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> Alan i think the parts of Hitler and Mussolinis discourses about the
> importance of workers about the national pride and the longing for a
> imperial past are relevant in Trump’s case as well.
> I read some minutes ago 7 av each 10 of Trump’s voters wanted go back to
> the 50's.
> It means a time where the US was victorious white and wealthy where they
> imposed the world "the American way of life" as model.
> As Roland Barthes says it's a question of language :)
> Ana
> Den 9 nov 2016 14:34 skrev "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com>:
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>> There is a huge difference; Hitler etc. ran on a platform which was
>> (horribly) coherent; Trump splatters, not only in the attacks, but also in
>> terms of coherency. This is a very different thing; it's not to say he
>> isn't a thug - he is - but one who wants power above all, and is less
>> concerned about its deployment. -
>> Alan
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