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Hi Brett, your post was not off the topic. I had not seen Alan's post yet
because his as a guest participant had gone through to the list bypassing
my approval. I realized my mistake the moment I saw Alan's post, but did
not know how to get back to you; I wish you had responded to me. I had
slept little the night before, depressed and completely in shock, and your
post was the first thing I saw. Thank you for writing now.


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> I do feel I have to say this now. I respect the moderation of this list,
> so I did not make a big deal of it when Murat bounced a contribution of
> mine early Wednesday morning. The rejection: "While your post writes about
> a seismic event, it is completely off the topic of
> this week's event." My response was to Alan's heartfelt lament about the
> events of Tuesday night, and there have been Trump related, political
> responses since then. To be fair, maybe I was off topic if we parse hard
> enough, an activity I am totally not interested in in any case.
> The post was very controversial indeed, about the important need to
> protect people right now, and to organize community self defense as the
> first priority. By Thursday, one of my students (a woman of color, though
> you might have guessed that) had already had rocks thrown at her car by a
> white man in another car who was yelling something incomprehensible through
> closed windows and road noise. Her response to the incident is most
> inspiring! I found her in the undergrad computer lab the following day - a
> national holiday - working on her parallel compute project. She told me, we
> can't let them take away our education! I nearly broke into tears.
> My point is, maybe we are not really ready for what is about to happen. We
> don't want to discuss some very hard realities that exist on the ground. By
> "we" I mean specifically the kinds of liberal intellectuals and artists who
> inhabit this list. And especially I mean those most like myself: whites who
> feel less under the gun (literally) today than our brothers and sisters who
> are currently active targets. Not that I know exactly what to do, I admit.
> I just have some ideas, maybe worth rejection as ideas, and my post was a
> call to think through a very hard situation in a very serious way that as I
> perhaps indicated, will be uncomfortable to most. Assuming that I might
> have had a legitimate point of view, I will leave it to the list moderators
> to decide if that post has any merit.
> above all stay safe,
> Brett Stalbaum
> On 11/13/2016 10:54 AM, Murat Nemet-Nejat wrote:
> Hi everybody, since the beginning of the month, every time someone
> encountered an idea or subject, or image one disagreed with, the reaction
> has been one of outrage and dismissive withdrawal or one-liners instead of
> engaging with the adverse statement or object, maybe assuming that other
> *might* have a legitimate point of view. This is extremely unfortunate
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