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I’ve dipped in & out of this thread. Yes, there’s a lot of hysteria going around for very good reasons. A video by Van Jones has been circulating in which he basically advises people to step back and reinforce our personal base- with love, happy routines, etc, even as we search for the ways forward. He thinks there are some opportunities. I don’t know. T. is moving swiftly to install people and initiatives that could rapidly lead to planetary ruin for most of us. It’s hard to stay focused. Personally, I find that besides my rage, owning my grief helps a lot. i stay on FB threads with smart people I admire. I keep working. As a Jewish person, I am weighed down by millenia of PTSD. I am trying to see past my own horror and terror to everyone else’s. I have my walls up against white Christian male complacency and misogyny. But hey, there are tons of female male-identified misogynists out there as well. The news screams about happy white supremacists spawning a whole new generation of Nazis, and every hour it seems I hear about another hate crime. Artists and intellectuals did not do well in the Third Reich. I think we will all be walking targets for the disaffected, but more to be revealed. The RNC of the USA pulled a fast one in slow motion in this country, with voter suppression and gerrymandering, whipping up false fears, controlling the media, making unholy coalitions with hypocritical evangelicals, Putin and our very own FBI so fossil fuels can destroy the earth asap. So many will be collateral damage. So many already have been. Some are talking about common cause with other poor people who happen to be white supremacists. I doubt it. So the answer? At least keep talking, writing. At the very least, let us not harm each other. Let us clearly identify the real enemies. 

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> I find " We don't want to discuss some very hard realities that exist on the ground. By "we" I mean specifically the kinds of liberal intellectuals and artists who inhabit this list." - because you assume that we don't understand those "hard realities" - whereas you really don't know what any of us, non-white or white, even Trump supporters, are going through, and that's part of the problem. The post is divisive, even though I agree with it. So I can say on another list I co-moderate, there is considerable hysteria, on Fb there is the same, and there are hard realities for many many of us - ranging from issues of Obamacare to sensing an approaching armageddon of forced exile. And many of us are protesting, are out there, are organizing, as much as anyone else.
> _No one_ has been ready for this, and one of the heartening things at the demonstration yesterday was the call for unity, from people ranging from Muslims to Jews, Blacks to whites, all sorts of sexual orientations etc.
> I will absolutely not apologize or accept the category of "liberal intellectuals who inhabit this list" - we're subscribers, and we subscribe to many many other lists and real-life organizations and practices; in other words, I don't see this as a totality - any nore than I see Trump supports as all poor uneducated whites. I'm not trying to sound antagonistic - I don't feel that way honestly, I'm just trying to get rid of labels and hopefully increase the understanding that many many many of us are under the gun, even whites - I'm thinking of some people I know who are worried about dying when the medications run out... I should also note being Jewish, I've been subject to hate crimes myself, etc. It's all shameful.
> Please, if you do have any suggestions, offer them. And hopefully we won't have censorship on this list. We do have to realize everyone's feelings are on edge, in every part of the country, and we have to learn to listen. At the same time we have to learn how to concretely oppose the bullying and hate crimes have have increased at least 300% in the past few weeks.
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