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Michael, can you send your statement as a response to this e-mail thread?


On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 10:06 AM, Murat Nemet-Nejat <muratnn at gmail.com>

> In his 1954 essay "The Question Concerning Technology," Martin Heiddeger
> says the following:
> "The question concerning technology is the question concerning the
> constellation in which revealing and concealing, in which the coming to
> presence of truth, comes to pass.
> But what help is it to us to looking into constellation? We look into the
> danger and see the growth of the saving power.
> … How can this happen? Here and now and in little things that we may
> foster the saving power in its increase. This includes holding always
> before our eyes the extreme danger…
> There was a time when it was not technology alone that bore the name
> techie…. Once there was a time when the bringing forth of the true into the
> beautiful was called techie. And the poiesis of the fine arts also was
> called techne…."
> The "extreme danger" Heiddeger is talking about now is President Trump. He
> is the master "techie" of words and weaver of lies -- basically an artist
> of evil spirit, of bad faith singing a siren song to the dejected and
> hating.
> The guest contributors this week, Michael Boghn and Jerome Sala, are
> poets. Sala works inside the entrails of the corporate structure as data
> analyst and writes his poetry from there. Boghn, along with Kent Johnson,
> is the co-founder of the poetry blog Dispatches where, in the great
> anarchist Hakim Bey's (Peter Lamborn Wilson's) words, they want to create
> an "autonomous zone," a "pirate utopia" of poets within the structure of
> the internet. Dispatches has organized the first concrete reaction of
> "poises" in the United States to Trump's election. They are preparing an
> anthology  that will have I think over 200 poet's/artists' reactions to the
> election. It will be published the day of Trump's inauguration.
> From this point on, I will let Michael and Jerome speak for themselves.
> I invite most devoutly every member on the list to contribute to the
> discussions,
> Ciao,
> Murat
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