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n the last week, beginning with an announcement at Dispatches that went out
to 200 poets and was picked up and reposted to many more, we responded to
the Trump disaster with a call for contributions to an anthology of poetry
of resistance to the new fascist movement. Within three days, we were
inundated with positive responses. Using the speed of the internet, the
editorial group has now expanded to a broad and diverse group of 10 poets,
each of whom has reached out to 10-20 of their friends. The book now has
200+ contributors lined up. We hope to publish it as an INITIAL act of
resistance shortly after Trump’s inauguration. It is the sudden
crystallization of a latent being-in-common that this tool, this medium,
makes possible. We don’t need a central committee because we have the

That immediacy energizes the being-in-common in ways that intensify the
resistance to the Administration’s professionalized death formations (see,
for instance, The Poetry Foundation website, or The Great Philadelphia
Poetry Warehouse and Media Centre), and creates opportunities for further
proliferation of relation beyond the immediate, not only within the virtual
space, but beyond it in the creation of formations in the rough and tumble
world. The anthology then will become a kind of decentered centre which
will provoke occasions for coming together in the world. At a time when the
Trump Doom looms before us in its authoritarian darkness, such small
centres of life and thinking are what we have to hold on to to keep the
light alive and extend the resistance in more and more networks of
being-in-common." (from Michael Boghn's Introductory Statement as a guest
contributor in November)

I would like to present this announcement for the anthology that Michael is
talking about -- an example of words turning into act even though the act
itself in words may be:


Spuyten Duyvil Press


Dispatches Editions

announce the publication of

*Resist Much / Obey Little*

*Inaugural Poems to the Resistance*

“To The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States, Resist much,
obey little;

Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;

Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward
resumes its liberty.”

– Walt Whitman

Edited by

Michael Boughn, John Bradley, Brenda Cardenas, Ching-In Chen, Lynne

Kass Fleisher, Roberto Harrison, Kent Johnson, Andrew Levy, Ruben Medina,
Philip Metres,

Julie Patton, Margaret Randall, Michael Rothenberg, Anne Waldman, Tyrone

Forthcoming early in 2017, to coincide with the Presidential Inauguration

Submissions are open until December 7, 2016

Send yours to poetrywardispatch at gmail.com
send no more than three Word Document pages total)


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> Hi Renate, I have been using Firefox and gmail. I still had all these
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>> Hi Alan -- I don't think it is closed. I have no idea how this thing
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>> What would you like me to do? Post it again?
>> Mike
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>>> Hi Michael,
>>> I didn't receive anything about submitting; is it possible to send this
>>> out again or is it already closed? I think there are a lot of people on
>>> this list who would be interested.
>>> Thanks, Alan
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