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Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 15 07:52:12 AEST 2016

Thanks so much for joining us, Anna, and for focusing our attention on net.art focusing on the finances of the web.  While not directly in with Heath Bunting's piece, which I'm very pleased to see recalled, you have me thinking fondly of Nick Knouf's MAICgregator (http://maicgregator.org) that is a Firefox extension that aggregated information about the embeddedness of colleges and universities (I seem to recall that he focused on US institutions) in the military-academic-industrial contex. The software provided an overlay on university homepages of the data culled from government funding databases and news sources, etc., as well as information about university trustees.

I recall Nick's being aggressed quite harshly by one of my colleagues for the "terrorism" of his project (whose aim was to reveal the disguistes of terrorism of a different sort).  I'm hoping that Nick will see this post and perhaps comment in more detail on this fascinating and innovative piece (which seems to be no longer active).   I seem to recall that Anna might have written something about this piece in her last book as well?



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