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Thanks ever so much, Simon and Madeleine, for sharing your probing thoughts with us on -empyre-.  It has been such a gift for us to be challenged conceptually by both of you again.

I'm sorry that a diversion yesterday has delayed my introduction of our last guests for the week (believe it or not, Renate and I spent yesterday in a Buffalo NY US border patrol office getting our travel documents in order, where, it turns out, no phones were allowed).  So no access to Net.Art on the border!!!

It's my great pleasure to introduce this month's concluding featured guests as we wrap up our dialogue on "Through the Net: Net Art Then and Now." Many of you will have worked alongside Dene Grigar (US) in her role as President of the Electronic Literature Organization and has recently been working with me, the Rose Goldsen Archive, and other to guarantee that the net.art site, Turbulence.org, will remain archived and online when Helen Thorington and Joanne Greene discontinue thei heroic hosting of the site and its artistic commissions at the end of 2016.  Claudia is a frequent participant on -empyre- and has collaborated frequently with me and Renate on various projects in and around Ithaca and the Finger Lakes Environment Film Festival.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, Dene and Claudia, on Net Art Then and Now as we conclude this month's discussion on -empyre-.

Dene Grigar (US)   is Professor and Director of The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver whose research focuses on the creation, curation, preservation, and criticism of Electronic Literature, specifically building multimedial environments and experiences for live performance, installations, and curated spaces; desktop computers; and mobile media devices. She has authored 14 media works such as "Curlew" (2014), "A Villager's Tale" (2011), the "24-Hour Micro E-Lit Project" (2009), "When Ghosts Will Die" (2008), and "Fallow Field: A Story in Two Parts" (2005), as well as 52 scholarly articles. She also curates exhibits of electronic literature and media art, mounting shows at the Library of Congress and for the Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA), among other venues. With Stuart Moulthrop (U of Wisconsin Milwaukee) she is the recipient of a 2013 NEH Start Up grant to support the digital preservation of early electronic literature, a project that culminated in an open-source, multimedia book entitled Pathfinders and book of criticism, entitled Traversals, for The MIT Press. She is President of the Electronic Literature Organization and Associate Editor of Leonardo Reviews.

Claudia Pederson (US) is an Assistant Professor of Art History in New Media & Technology.  Claudia's writings on play, games, digital photography, and techno-ecological art are published in Afterimage, Intelligent Agent, Eludamos, as well as the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Design Automation Conference (DAC), and CHI conference proceedings. Her most recent essay on contemporary Latin American artists working with robotics is forthcoming in an anthology on Latin American Modernism. She has been a curatorial contributor to the Finger Lakes Film Festival (FLEFF) since 2007. Other recent curatorial projects include, Gün, with Turkish women working in the intersections of media and feminism (2011-2012), and Home/s, a curatorial event with Turkish, Greek, and Bulgarian women at the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece in 2013.

All our best,

Tim and Renate

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