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Dear all,
Thank you for your post Lindsay! I was shocked by the link to the
milk-drinking neo nazis - which seem so incredibly strange for Astoria.
But Milk=Trump makes some strange sense in the scheme of things! And your
work on biscuits fits in well with that as well!

And Renate - enjoy CAA! And thank you for your question about humour and
irony. I would say that a lot of my own work uses humour - perhaps as a
strategy to discuss difficult issues. For example, the photo series that
Lindsay spoke of as part of an exhibition we partook in last year in
Sydney included: "Kathy As Bowie² and a video called ³Fecal Matters² as
part of "Waste Matters.² This is project looks at fecal microbial
transplantation (FMTs) - in other words putting one person¹s poop into
another person¹s gut - both HOW FMTs work but also WHOSE stool matter
would you want if you could have you choice (and what does that choice
mean? - what does that FMT mean and what does it ³give² you?). Okay - now
we are talking about shit - and what isn¹t funny about that? - funny,
abject, shameful and taboo. In response to Renate¹s request I humbly
submit this link with some writing of mine about this project which
describes this ³Kathy As Bowie² photo series:
http://www.foodphreaking.com/issue03pdf/FoodPhreaking_03.pdf (a fantastic
zine created by Zackery Denfeld and Catrine Kramer) - my text is at the
end p. 69! Gut microbial love at its best!

And now my work is deeply involved in our individual gut profiles, our
family gut profiles, how poop predicts our futures! Or maybe our presents
and pasts! Ha!

We are also all involved with diseased bodies - as Beatriz da Costa
pointed out with one of her final works ³Dying for the Other². We are all
intwined with bodies, others¹ bodies, and our own and life and death. I
think this is what compels me to partake in so called ³bio-art² - because
this art practice that works with living materials raise the most poignant
ethical questions and questions about where we are going with our
sciences, our technologies, our food systems and political decisions! I
guess I would also point to an earlier work on mine - which Beatriz and I
spoke about together - that uses animal bodies reflecting the work they do
for us, our pharmaceutical industries and our so-called health -
³Embracing Animal² revealing the pharma/medical work contributed by
transgenic rats: http://www.embracinganimal.com/
Again I suggest the absurdity and irony of rats, these scummy, pest
ridden, nasty creatures, as an icon for survival!

We will need our humour going forward. Now we will need to be smart, funny
and ironic! Please send your examples!
I will welcome them!

Many thanks Kathy

digestive tolerances

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>Dear Kathy and Lindsay,
>I am at College Art Association with what is incredibly spotty wifi but
>I¹m going to make this rather short response in hopes that you both write
>back today.  Yes, friendship and networking, I agree that the
>lab/kitchen/site of production, process and thinking about all things
>biological/art/politics as Kathy reminds url is at the heart of
>inspiration and activism.  The limited but rich history I referred to in
>my initial introductions makes me realize how important -empyre- is in
>making connections across the globe and for keeping an archive of those
>interactions.   Please Kathy and Lindsay include more links to your work
>and your writings so that they will be a part of our archive. What a rich
>resource for all of us.
>Can I ask you both in light of the Trumpian environment that we find the
>world in (how can one man affect the balance of global security and
>peace, the environment, the financial systems, and general trust of the
>world in just a few weeks?) to comment about irony and humor.  We
>introduced this thread just a few days before with Byron. I was curious
>what you both throught about how these tactics intersected with your own
>work and how it is received.  So much to talk about here I am thrilled
>but will will pick up when I return in the afternoon.
>Thanks for starting the week out with so much to think about.
>Will check back in a few hours.  Renate
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>>Dear Renate,
>>Thank you for inviting me to this discussion.
>>Your introduction, your reflections on Beatriz da Costa's work, and my
>>pairing with Kathy all remind me of Donna Haraway's remark that
>>"interdisciplinary work requires great friendships" (Haraway & Goodeve
>>2000:126). Katie King also elaborates on "networks of friendship" and
>>the ways in which friendships facilitate our thinking and making. I'm
>>absolutely with Donna and Katie on this point--without friendship, there
>>would be far fewer collaborations across worlds and disciplines.
>>Friendship with Kathy, Donna, Katie, and Beatriz--all of this really
>>I am in Sydney at the moment, working on a new project about
>>cookies/biscuits/wheat and the nutritional landscape of colonial
>>violence. A bunch of things keep me up at night, but special mention
>>would go to headlines like "Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white
>>racial purity in Donald Trump's America"
>>udo-science-trump-shia-labeouf)--containing this gem about lactose
>>tolerance: "Some white supremacists think white ethnic identity has a
>>geographic, historical correlation with the body's tolerance for milk."
>>I think a lot about how trouble with tolerance in the way that Isabel
>>Stengers articulates it may or may not intersect with digestive
>>tolerances, and if anticolonial ingestions and indigestions might
>>produce a new kind of food politics.
>>Before my biscuit obsession, I wrote a book called Bioart Kitchen that
>>argues for an expansive, even wacky history of bioart. I mostly write,
>>but I make stuff too, which often takes the form of tasting events. I
>>did one about humanitarian aid survival foods, one about tube feeding,
>>and a few about Anzac biscuits, asking what national identity tastes
>>like. I'm hoping to do something with fry bread in 2018.
>>I'm really excited to be paired up with Kathy! We had a fun time at an
>>event Astrida Neimanis organized last year called "Hacking the
>>Anthropocene," where she exhibited her "Waste Matters" work at a
>>satellite exhibition with Perdita Phillips that we privately dubbed "Poo
>>Circus." I had a cocktail on hand called "Faecal Attraction": kahlua,
>>cold brew coffee, Benefiber, corn kernels, and chocolate ice cream
>>Seems like a good note to end on.
>>More anon,
>>Lindsay Kelley
>>UNSW Art & Design
>>UNSW Sydney 
>>Paddington Campus
>>Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd,
>>Paddington, NSW 2021
>>E:  l.kelley at unsw.edu.au
>>Bioart Kitchen http://goo.gl/SJRdFn
>>I pay my respects and acknowledgments to all Traditional Custodians on
>>whose land I live, work and travel through.
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