[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 2: Kathy High and Lindsay Kelley

Lindsay Kelley l.kelley at unsw.edu.au
Fri Feb 17 15:59:09 AEDT 2017

Dear Nina and Kathy,

I enjoy hearing about your inspirations—and I am a lurker too, definitely continue to lurk and be happy.

I’m recalling what Byron said about humor and vulnerability. If you can make someone laugh, you’re creating affective space and all kinds of complex matter might seep in. One of my favorite Critical Art Ensemble works isn’t really a “work” like a work you’d see in a gallery: it’s a recipe, where they suggest that we cook and eat Eduardo Kac’s GFP Bunny. It’s called “Ragout Alba a la Provencal” and it’s in the “Betty Crocker 3000” appendix of Molecular Invasion. There were lots of things that were light and funny (and also serious and important) about the GFP Bunny project before CAE suggested eating the bunny, but eating the bunny really tipped it over into that space of funny/vulnerable for me. When I imagine eating the glowing rabbit (and garnishing with GFP parsley!), that’s definitely funny and at the same time I’m vulnerable to/aware of all the technologies we are knowingly and unknowingly eating at every meal.

Re laughter more specifically, I have been thinking about how Linda Mary Montano is secretly a bioart practitioner. She does performances designed to address individual organs, and she has been manipulating her perception and environment through color for decades. And she does laughter workshops, sometimes designed for specific people, like caregivers, and always with an attention to specific bodily systems.  

I’m sad to be missing all the exciting things happening at CAA. I hope many of us report back to the list about these great events. Have a wonderful time college art associating, and more anon,


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