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Renate wrote of RoundTable discussion “It was a delight to feel the energy of all things Biology andArt and my sense is that the short discussion that followed could have gone onfor quite some time.” Forgive my brevity here but I just wanted to say that bothyour representation of that discussion, Renate, and the previous posts on thismonth’s topic have reinforced my feeling that “current shifts that haveeliminated protections” are being addressed with art biological and biologicalartistic solutions to those problems. One of the first things to hit me when Istarted thinking about the topic was the relationship perceivable in theearliest lyric poetry between life and art. Nietzsche nd others derived the artof tragedy from it. Updating a bit I began to think about the (little) I’veread on biolinguistics and the proposed relationship biolinguists find betweenknotting procedures used by birds in creating nests and what we could considerknitting procedures used by humans in creating tools. Today’s *Guardian* (theBritish paper) carries an article by Joseph Stiglitz that expresses hope thatthe deep sociological stages of globalism will be met and worked through bypeople in a variety of disciplines. No easy task....... An economy of mind perhaps. Thanks for yourideas! Best wishes, William
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