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Renate and List,
Thank *you* for sharing. On Nietzsche: I 
seem to have mixed apples and oranges:What I meant was that Nietzsche relatesthe devlopment of ancient Greek tragedyto earlier lyric poetry. In *The Birth of Tragedy*As lyrics often deal with life, death, nature,bio-art seems referenced....... On bird nesting and language: Some biolinguists haveexplord relationships between the knotssome birds tie to create nests and the development of human language. If you playaround on a search engine with terms likeevo devo knots in bird nests *or* 
biolinguistics bird nesting language development you should get back a numberof interesting hits. The main one I'm familiarwith is *Pere Alberch's DevelopmentalMorphospaces and the Evolution of 
Cognition* an article by Sergi Balari andGuillermo Lorenzo. This is at<https://www.researchgate.net/publication/239857347_Pere_Alberch%27s_Developmental_Morphospaces_and_the_Evolution_of_Cognition>The Stiglitz is at the link below. He has severalarticles in *The Guardian* which can be foundby searching there. If the links don't ome through,please let me know. Thanks again for sharing, 
William (stiglitz link >><https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/feb/20/how-to-survive-trump-era-be-vigilant-resist-joseph-stiglitz>
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