[-empyre-] Warhol legacy -- how real is real?

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Thu Jun 8 23:49:59 AEST 2017

Hi Empyreans. Anna's commentary on Warhol regarding fakes and Mark's that (snip)/a very powerful kind of fake [is] The fake that quietly troubles the truthclaims/. I re-read *doubles* for troubles but it obviously goes much further,and I fully agree. Suppose we’re still already into Plato’s thoughts/representationsof the chora space, apparently one of those mental states where anything canhappen and which would seem to avoid censorship. It’s curious about Andy Warholwho seems clearly to be out to get technology in one sense or another. Out ofcontext perhaps another quote of his is /Everybody says […] fantastic things.People are always putting it down as an invasion of privacy, but I thinkeveryone should be bugged all the time […] bugged and photographed./ (in *AndyWarhol Giant Size* p. 176). Nietzsche also in *The Gay Science* (Bk 3, Sec.110): /To what extent can truth stand to be incorporated?—That is the question;that is the experiment./ He means incorporated in knowledge—Origin of knowledgeis the heading in Sec. 110. At least I read it as incorporated in knowledge.Then there is Virginia Woolf, for example her essay “Reading” goes pretty farwith reality of reality. Much inspired by this month’s theme! Best wishes,William
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