[-empyre-] Corroboration is the friend of fake news…

Talan Memmott memmotttalan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 00:10:26 AEST 2017

During the UnderAcademy course we launched three fake news publications,
two of which produced substantial content. In review, much of the content
would more properly fit under the heading of satire but a few things are
revealed through what was published.

Corroboration is the friend of fake news… If a story can be connected to
other stories there is an increase in plausibility.  The three stories
below, as outrageous as the may seem, overlap just enough to make at least
the idea of a Pee-Wee Herman reboot seem, perhaps, plausible.

Reince Priebus To Play Lead in Pee-Wee Herman Reboot


Bannon Responsibilities to Grow


Conway, Bannon to Join Cast of Von Trier Pee-Wee Herman Reboot

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