[-empyre-] Fake news or news as goods and commodities?

Ana Valdés agora158 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 12:00:17 AEST 2017

Dear fellows I was thinking about how to start this week. It has been a lot of interesting things discussed here and I remembered the time I spent in jail four years in the 70.
During the four years I was in prison we were feed with fake news we didn't have access to newspapers or to radio or to tv. The only scarce news come through the short visits of our relatives and lawyers heavy monitored by soldiers and recorded by cameras.
Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the state coup and I was already in jail. During a day we listened in the loudspeakers military march music and the speech of the Junta leaders who justified the coup arguing they needed free hands to fight the leftist guerrilla and defend the democracy.
It was bad rethoric and it was a part of the Cold War being fought between US and Soviet. Uruguay Chile and Argentina were proxy wars and the victims were civilians trade union leaders students.
They told us Brasil was going to invade us and they asked us to be prepared and take weapons if our jails were compromised.
News and rumours were part of the propaganda strategy they needed to establish as truth bearers.
Our families were the receptors of fake news as well someday they called home to our relatives and they said we were dead killed in a riot other days we were shot on the run when we tried to escape.
Fake news were powerful weapons of destruction at that time.
Ana Valdes 

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