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Ana thanks for your post. I always appreciate your writing  as it provides  us all with a sense of the practicality of political injustices and prison sentences.  Fake News is propaganda as I wrote in my first introductory post at the beginning of the month and it is not a new phenomenon at all.  Historically your experiences in Uruguay are liminal in that similar patterns have happened in contemporary and historical contexts all across the globe. My point is not to diminish your suffering but to push us to differentiate the current situation today. The interesting twist on the US story is how the American press is a being linked as a vehicle, a pawn so to say.  Social media complicates the equation even more evidently.   

Patrick I just arrived back in the US from being away for an extended time and I agree with your rather comical but sad description of the breaking news phenomenon.  During my recent travels in Europe these past few weeks and my travels in Asia in the spring I was getting such a different perspective and broader one on on worldwide news.  To realize that in China I was able to access more global news via BBC and CNN global than in the states is frightening.  While Anderson Cooper plays in the early 9 am hour it is prefaced by and hour or two from 7 to 9 of global coverage by global anchors and reporters. Your Middle East global perspective and your vast experience with fabulation has been notable over the years of your life as an artist. (thanks to Ana Munster for introducing that concept….I love the word and think that it is especially a notable one for us as artists and creators.) 

Randall your mention of cinema’s role is one that I think perhaps some of our cinema specialists may want to chime in about.Thanks to Mathias for adding the name of Brecht into our conversation.  I have heard from cinema specialists that the US State Department engages the help of movie and cinema professionals and actors to fabulate about the future to help them think and anticipate about future conditions that they may face in real life.    And what about the gaming industry?  Anyone care to elaborate? 

Randall I’m wondering what your experiences are living between Singapore and the US?  

Ana Munster what can you fill us in on your one day conference on Fake News over the next day or so. 

We will be continuing out discussion through Sunday, July 2nd.  Renate

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>Dear fellows I was thinking about how to start this week. It has been a lot of interesting things discussed here and I remembered the time I spent in jail four years in the 70.
>During the four years I was in prison we were feed with fake news we didn't have access to newspapers or to radio or to tv. The only scarce news come through the short visits of our relatives and lawyers heavy monitored by soldiers and recorded by cameras.
>Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the state coup and I was already in jail. During a day we listened in the loudspeakers military march music and the speech of the Junta leaders who justified the coup arguing they needed free hands to fight the leftist guerrilla and defend the democracy.
>It was bad rethoric and it was a part of the Cold War being fought between US and Soviet. Uruguay Chile and Argentina were proxy wars and the victims were civilians trade union leaders students.
>They told us Brasil was going to invade us and they asked us to be prepared and take weapons if our jails were compromised.
>News and rumours were part of the propaganda strategy they needed to establish as truth bearers.
>Our families were the receptors of fake news as well someday they called home to our relatives and they said we were dead killed in a riot other days we were shot on the run when we tried to escape.
>Fake news were powerful weapons of destruction at that time.
>Ana Valdes 
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