[-empyre-] The global Trump effect

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 10 11:34:51 AEDT 2017

Hi - thank you for your response. The erratics are definitely there; they 
were there all the way from his primary debates on. It's a form of shell 
game; as (I think) I said, it requires a different form of news response; 
if new has been traditionally both a narrative and reasoned critique, it 
now has to be a form of high-speed twitter doxa - or else it has to ignore 
the smokescreens altogether. And this becomes increasingly confused as 
well because of wiki- and other leaks; there is literally more information 
to be assimilated than the news is capable of (apparently only 1% of the 
intelligence leaks have been released). And leakage, or Wikileaks them- 
selves, or Assange, become problematized in the shifting landscapes of 
Trump. And of course you're right - the hard-drive of the right continues 
unabated as everyone else worries.

Not only are games changing - perhaps there are no longer games at all, 
but a continuous flux/flow of codework.

And perhaps Lyotard is wrong today - perhaps governance _is_ a 
conversation (in Rhode Island by the way, apparently the legislature 
engages in heavy drinking on the job. but like everything else, I may have 
this wrong.).

- Alan

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