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Thank you so much for your reply. PTSD is, I think, a proper term to use; 
so many people, including myself of course, find themselves simultaneously 
at a loss and finding it necessary to proceed. And on one hand, there's 
what I call semiotic splatter, which includes health-care fallout for so 
many of us (including my partner Azure); on the other, there's the spectre 
of a highly-directed brutality that ignores protests, breaks up families, 
and so creates a cold-war military posture beyond anything we've seen in 

We have to, we must, negotiate all of this. I find mindfulness helps as, 
for me, does playing music (one or another instrument), and even having 
football (soccer) on in the background - domains of orderliness, where 
structure becomes creative structure.

You say, "It is disheartening in a whole other dimension of
reality that even Hitler could not have imagined." - but I think this is 
precisely what he imagined - on one hand, his projected singular brutality 
against what had been Weimar and its scattered brilliance; and, on the 
other, his fast-forward remaking of the social world by any means 
possible. Arendt and others go into distinctions between propaganda and 
news, and how the latter was set aside; T. sets the news aside as well, 
with platter - a different approach, but with the same end. It seems an 
inverted form of totalitarianism, with a deeply inept leader, and his 
staff, which are more directed and incredibly dangerous.

A final note - for those of us who are distraught, are there groups people 
belong to, which deal with the internal psychological damage? In other 
words, other than outward action, what have people found helpful, that 
enables them to survive with a measure of health?

Thank you so much,


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