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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Thank you so much, Patrick; my issue is, for example, with B's essay
on the Gulf War; of course it _did_ occur and for me, its devastation 
overrode theory. One arm discussed constantly here in the U.S. is a new 
and (again that word I've been using) brutal militarism, which overrides 
again, "outsourcing defence against North Korea to China" - that doesn't 
seem to be what's happening at this point. And a final point; a friend of 
mine who's a diplomat/constitutional scholar in Washington, worries that 
what will happen will be precisely a constitutional crisis - and if that 
does, given the economic/military power of the U.S. in the midst of this 
mess, anything might happen. We're certainly heading in that direction.

We _should_ have a Ministry of Happiness here - but it would most likely 
serve McDonald's/

Thank you for your response -


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