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Tue Mar 14 20:29:50 AEDT 2017

Dear Empyreans,
Simonwrites “What I wonder about Populism is what the Left can do with it. It really
wants to do without it.” I wonder with you, Simon, and also hear much of whatyou’re saying in this thread and on your blog. I think populism is a questionof convincing and of deeper aspects of *pure* one person one vote democracy vsother systems. Voting blocs, complex social systems such as the US. Electronic votingmachines. Who ets to vote, etc. All the political discourse that comes out inthe course of a day, tied to other texts and the mythic element in what’s beingsaid. Thinking popular – population – civilization – education. The internethas changed the way elections are carried out, wone, lost. It seems to me thatpopulism today or talking about populism today you have to consider what anelectorate, a big group of people, is, their preparation, education. Not thatthose following this listserv don’t already know but a basic idea can be gathered from thislink <http://www.russellsage.org/research/chartbook/percentage-population-select-countries-bachelors-degrees-or-higher-age>
Looking for more information like this and new ways to analyze. Best wishes to all, William

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