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Dear <<empyreans>>,

Outside of (reacting with moral disgust or nausea) a reactive 
opposition, what can be done to form and inform an active (political) 
nonopposition to political powers which claim the right to be considered 
nonpolitical? and which in so claiming are claimants to a constituency 
of the politically exhausted (the Left)?

Nietzsche had it that god died of pity; do we now try and raise her with 

A journalist commented on the Trumpulist derogation of news media that 
it is part of a general strategy of delegitimation: unlike Europe, the 
US has no experience of the fabrication of popular truths to support 
political regimes.

Too readily to accept we live in a posttruth world is to accept also 
that the delegitimation of news media is to some degree justified, that 
they have justified this to some degree /themselves/--and even doing so 
in the smallest degree, because of pluralist leanings, 
sociohistoricocultural relativism, or economic realism, is a quiescence, 
if not acquiescence. In other words, Trumpulist declarations of the 
falsity of fake news, even if they are not believed, serve just as well, 
since they raise it as plausibly possible: it is not us lying to you, 
but the others, the ones cynically declaring for truth, who are the true 
liars. After all, we, the winners, have nothing to gain, have nothing 
more to prove and have to prove nothing more: the burden of proof is 
with the losers and the liars in the media. And after all, Trump has no 
need for them--he has his /own /media.

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