[-empyre-] Shadows in the Dawn

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 17 08:17:01 AEDT 2017

Hi Johannes,

You say - "I doubt there is a global effect, as you called this debate -- 
that sounds presumptuous to me, arrogant, but you can call me naive, it's 
just that i can't be engaging paranoia or apocalypse. You (Alan) and I did 
moderate the debate on ISIS here a few years ago, and I think it was a 
misguided debate perhaps (I had no direct experience or knowledge of ISIS, 
so had to fabulate)."

Of course there's global effects; for examples - an enormous and activated 
military - US troops sent to mideast - tensions between China and US over 
N Korean militarization - blocked immigrants from Muslim countries - if 
you read AAAS Science you'll see the global effect of the last on 
scientists and research - the anti-Mexican and anti-Latino stance of the 
US - heightened tensions with Russia - all of this plays into global 
politics on many fundamental levels - the 54 billion dollar military 
budget and Trump's desire to upgrade the nuclear arsenal; I could go on 
(Amerikkka carrying its anti-abortion crusade into Africa, its climate 
policy's potential effect on the world, etc.), but you get the picture. 
Just as the EU and Brexit affect everyone - we're all in the same boat...

As far as the comment on our co-moderating a month on absolute terror, 
Isis, and performance - at least for myself, as I wrote you backchannel, 
I wanted to do that in order to listen and to learn. For me it wasn't a 
debate, but a learning experience, and hopefully it was that for others as 

And the same here - listening, hoping more voices from around the world 
are heard, learning -

- Alan

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