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On 20/03/17 06:38, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> Do you think of an 'underground' of any sort? As resistance? (In other 
> words, might the metaphor of 'theater' be in need of deconstruction 
> under real or potential totalitarianism?)
These questions are gifts to one practicing Minus Theatre! But I would 
like to hear other voices too. So briefly: Deleuze and Guattari 
vociferously prefer the metaphor of the factory over that of theatre in 
/Anti-Oedipus /(in which the critique of capitalism as /axiomatic/, 
although it is developed contra psychoanalytic legacies, is, in the 
latter half of the book, where it broadens into sociohistoricocultural 
critique, apposite in its impertinence).

The underground is suggestive for me of mycelial networks producing 
decomposition (a tree means much less lying down)--and information.

Theatre, I think, retreated from autocritique with the postwar crisis of 
representation--that is, having, as a mode of representation, /par 
excellence/, to some, flagellated itself into political impotence, it 
went a great distance, and stopped: probably in the 1980s.

Then there is this provocative notion of noncompliance: bodies--the 
means of production; bodies--the means of nonproduction.



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