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Hi Johannes and everyone,
Thisthread is very informative and thought provoking. I’ve also just viewed MicroTheatre’s *The Other Side* which has left me very pensive, sadly hopeful if Ican express it that way, that what Alan refers to as underground and Simon asmycelial nets will help jolt us into more civilizing ways of acting. I thinkthat is one major ethical effect of cultural reasoning, a kind of linking upwith the *soil* (back to Simon again) of history. More of a metahistory in thesense that Paul Ricoeur discusses in *Time and Narrative*. That is a history andof course herstory that recognizes that the mythologizings of a society—of anydiscourse—break up under the microscope. They might take root again like apiece of broken mushroom but something even if *only* boredom has broken them.If the breaking is human I would say, not say a hurricane or other natural.Open arms or open cities for refugees of course give great hope. And these aremovements going on in many towns around the world, forming a kind of *otherside* also to authoritarian paranoia in so many countries. I am at the sametime taking cognizance of Alan’s words on still another militarizing stance.I’m hopeful that the peaceful ties and links that have been made throughglobalization will override anything like Trumpist big stick rhetoric might suggest.In that sense I repeat what I said above about cultural reasoning. Thanks toeverybody for really fine ideas! Best wishes, William
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