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Dear <<empyreans>>,

...another brief comment: in the wake of FBI Dir. James Comey and NSA 
Dir. Adm. Mike Rogers's debunking of claims of presidential wiretapping, 
a BBC commentator said that the president will want to "move the 
conversation onto other subjects"...

...corollary to online radicalisation by ISL using social media, online 
radicalisation by alt-right through social media (enhanced by filter 
bubble type effects*) (other radicalisations may be substituted for these):


*..."describes the tendency of social networks like Facebook and Twitter 
to lock users into personalized feedback loops, each with its own news 
sources, cultural touchstones and political inclinations. We seem to 
like these places, and so do social media companies — they keep us 
clicking from one self-affirmation to another." - from here 

...since they are micro theatres of consciousness itself, I doubt that 
this goes far enough in explaining the power of epistemic bubbles (as 
systems of internal resonance, the gratifications of which are 
internalising and internalised, like a language, like the promise one 
makes to oneself, to be reinforced at every opportunity: /I am a ... /) 
(tell oneself something often enough and it will engage belief). For 
effects of epistemic bubbles to take hold no prior disaffection is 
necessary but is a matter of contingency, of the contingency of what is 
/outside/ (which externality is annulled and from which one is freed by 

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> Micro Theatre

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