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Dear Empyreans, 
Iagree, Simon, that the /debunking of wiretapping/ by FBI director James Comeyand NSA director Mike Rogers is an important move against the whole fake newsthing. I don’t suppose I’m the only one here concerned about the threat of a soclled Goebbels  or /big lie/ effecttaking hold. Like mass hysteria or collective obsessional behavior—but perhapsin(cluding) virtual reality platforms. It may be that all ships of state havetwo starboard sides and excessively large poop decks. /Epistemic bubbles/ laterpopping when punctured by extra linguistic things. Agree too on Alan’s commenton the importance of failure (and especially glad to get those book titles).Belief/Deception: You never know. Shelley in ‘A defence of poetry’: ‘[Poets’]language is vitally metaphorical; that is, it marks the before unapprehendedrelations of things, and perpetuates their apprehension, until the words whichrepresent them, become through time signs for portions or classes of thoughtsinstead of pictures of integral thoughts; and then if no new poets should ariseto create afresh the associations which have become thus disorganized, languagewill be dead to all the nobler purposes of human intercourse […]. In theinfancy of society every author is necessarily a poet, because language itselfis poetry; and to be a poet is to apprehend the true and the beautiful, in aword the good which exists in the relation, subsisting first between existenceand perception, and secondly between perception and expression.’ Best wishes,Williamhttp://tinyurl.com/pkemmhk
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