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Concerning the occupation - "many of us feel that this is no longer "our"
country or "our" government, but a kind of occupation or
doubling/doppelgange"r - let's think about *The Man in the High Castle *(the
TV show at least, for I did not read PKD's book).

So, on the one side, the High Castle = the WH; on the other side, Sanctuary
Cities that the WH tries to turn into Obituary Cities.

I don't know what will be the result of this war. But it's a kind of war,
right? Maybe Empyre forum could devote a month to that topic: Wars.

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2017-03-27 20:48 GMT-05:00 Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>:

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> Sanctuary Cities (apologies if I'm just repeating the obvious)
> This may be of interest only to US residents, for which apologies.
> It does give some indication of the brutality of a regime which
> pays little attention to protest. The result for refugee and
> immigrant communities - even for families legally in the country -
> has been devastating.
> http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/27/politics/jeff-sessions-trump-s
> anctuary-cities/
> http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/25/politics/sanctuary-cities-explained/
> (Sending it out because we're in a sanctuary city and state; both are
> poor, and, being pessimistic, I'm waiting for the resulting havoc. What's
> so strange, uncanny, for so many of us, is the speed with which the tenor
> of the US has changed; we've gone from more traditional protests (against
> police brutality, military engagement, women's rights, BLM) to protests
> based on a different atmosphere - that of overt racist acts, and potential
> or real federal attacks on the poor, Blacks, Latinos, the environment etc.
> - attacks from the very institutions that are "supposed" to protect us. So
> in a very real sense, many of us feel that this is no longer "our" country
> or "our" government, but a kind of occupation or doubling/doppelganger, and
> that's hard to come to grips with. I'm speaking of course from two
> positions - that of being white, middle-class, and "educated," and that of
> being Jewish and "senior," and witnessing, for the first time in years,
> acts of anti-semitism on the increase, even in Rhode Island (I won't even
> describe the destructive ageism I'm dealing with). So I'm privileged on the
> whole, not having to deal with what a friend here calls micro- aggressions
> against minorities - micro-aggressions that occur constantly, that have
> only increased as well. On a plane of sociality/communality, the US is a
> foreign country for many of us, located nowhere, going nowhere but towards
> a brutal and militarist future, at least for the time-being.)
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