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DearJohannes and List,Asyou say there is or was a project for a microtheater in Barcelona created by Miguel Alcantud. Whetherthis is the same as the Microteatre (note spelling) on carrer Bailen is anotherquestion. The Bailen Streetgroup do 15 minute plays for audiences of 15 people. The plays are in Catalan. Theirlink >>< http://www.microteatrebarcelona.cat/>Thenyou say you have trouble finding Simon’s group. I get there by searching on/minus theatre the other side/ w/o the slash marks. My bad for having writtenmicro instead of minus when I posted on that. Anyway the work The Other Side ison Vimeo at >><https://vimeo.com/126010542>ReadingJohannes’s and Alan’s posts a second time I think back to something I retweetedyesterday alias WilliamBain7. It is a tweet by IfNotNow which showedphotographs and the words /Young Jews blocking the entrance to #AIPAC2017 tostand up for freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians!#JewishResistannce/. In light of your posts the phrase making a differencesomehow changed to making difference. DifferAnce?Thanks to all. Best wishes, William
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