[-empyre-] ephemera, napkins, and zines

Margaret J Rhee mrhee at uoregon.edu
Thu May 25 02:19:41 AEST 2017

hi all,

i wanted to start a question about the Zine, and wondered if you both 
could talk more about your contributions, and reflect on your experience 
of writing creative work about bots? does it differ from the scholarly.

additionally, how about ephemera?

i think often about the digital, and those that work in new media, how 
our work is often grappling with broken links, the obsolete archives, 
and other forms of ephemera.

in particular, going back to machine dreams, and the subsequent Zine 
collection, how napkins started much of our creative collaborations. why 
wouldn't it be any other way?



Margaret Rhee, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Women's and Gender Studies
University of Oregon

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