[-empyre-] Closing October, Thank you to all discussants, guests, and participants

margaretha haughwout margaretha.anne.haughwout at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 09:15:08 AEDT 2017

Dear All,

I had some unexpected pulls away from this soft_skinned_space this week,
and so I regret I haven't been able more active in the final week with
Joline, Elaine, and Jason. The conversation has been magnificent and a
perfect end note in thinking about the Radical Aesthetics of Multispecies
Worlding, Eco-Art, and Solidarity in a More-than-human Capitalocene.

Thank you to all of October's participants -- it was a great arc of a
conversation, from soil aesthetics, to queer worldings, animals and
technology, managing and mourning, ethics, interspecies knowing, avant
garde eco-art practices, and finally to oikeios, companionship and a cross
species reorganization of life (to name but a few moments of the month).

I hope this conversation will continue and that some collaborations and
alliances can be forged as a result.

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