[-empyre-] Closing October, Thank you to all discussants, guests, and participants

Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 5 12:42:12 AEDT 2017

Thank you Margartha for organizing and hosting the October month of -empyre soft skinned space.  It truly was a packed month of so many rich and lively exchanges.  I keep going back to earlier posts in the month and rereading them.  A huge thank you also to all of your guests as well.  We look forward to you all participating in the listserv. 


Dear -empyre-,

One final note --

It seemed so fitting to attend Maria Thereza Alves' keynote and exhibition
yesterday at the New School. It was a perfect ending to this past month's
discussion. For those of you in New York, it is not to be missed. Alves'
work Seeds of Change tracks capitalism through slave ships and the ballast
that was dumped at harbors, specifically the dormant seeds that would take
root in new harbors and create new ecologies beneath our feet that we still
tread upon. The soil of capitalism is perfectly shown as history, material,
living networks, and metaphor. I've attached a few raw snaps from the show
and there are a few more here:

Warmly and once again thank you,


Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
Tjaden Hall 306
rferro at cornell.edu

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