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Thanks so much to both of you for digging into residual contamination.  Just quickly posting tonight the photo I took along the edge of Cayuga just about a month ago.  A couple of more comments about Cayuga Lake. Residual Contamination not only remains from farms along the 40 plus miles of lake side and the pharmaceuticals that leach into the lake but more locally the Ithaca Gun Company that for years left lead in the soil above the cliff next to Cornell when they tested their bullets in shooting ranges.

Cornell, thinking itself an environmental protector,  innovated a Lake Source Cooling system in the early 2000’s.  The system draws lake water from the middle of the lake through a series of looped closed pipes. The cool water is currently used to air condition buildings during the summer months in a “closed” design.  It is now about twenty years later that some believe that this system warms the lake water also causing higher phosphorous levels.

-empyre soft-skinned space is known for its discussions on networked media.  I am hoping that over the course of the month we can broaden the implications of our discussions.  There is residual contamination that lurks in our environment, our food sources, our bodies.  Thought I would share this networked resource where contaminated waste sites such as those close to Ithaca, NY are monitored by a database and active website by Walter Huang, an activist and environmentalist. http://www.toxicstargeting.com/faq

More tomorrow.  Renate

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