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Before I introduce week two I thought I would update our bibliography and artist’s list. See below and feel free to update.

A huge thank you  to Catherine and Marissa (and Ellie for chiming in).  To recap this past week, I would like to talk about some of the highlights within our conversation that perhaps our week 2 guests may want to pick up on. Somatic “knowing” or awareness and the practice of making connections between the way we live our personal lives and the networked inter-dependent world may help all of us to understand “residual contamination.” This bio/environmental network that is directly relational affects our health and environment. Residual contamination is connected in a rhythm of movement though our bodies and everything that that surrounds us.

Can we work through residual contamination through critical transformation and intervention?  Can there be a positive side of contamination that emerges through art practice?

Can we become mindful and re-familiarize ourselves with the concept of time? By consciously connecting with our networked environment we can share mindfulness and DIY options creating a linked chain of reactions much less dependent on processed and manufactured solutions.

Bibliograph/ Resources on Contamination

Patricia Reed’s recent article "Xenophily and Computational Denaturalization <http://www.e-flux.com/architecture/artificial-labor/140674/xenophily-and-computational-denaturalization/>
Stephen J. Gould’s “An Evolutionary Perspective on Strengths, Fallacies, and Confusions in the Concept of Native Plants” (Arnoldia, Spring 1998)
Anna Tsing  "Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet":http://edgeeffects.net/anna-tsing/
Edited by Nato Thompson<https://mitpress.mit.edu/authors/nato-thompson> and Gregory Sholette<https://mitpress.mit.edu/authors/gregory-sholette>, “The Interventionists Users' Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life (MIT Press, 2004
Marc Auge, “Non-Places: An Introduction to Supermodernity, (Verson, 2009)
Timothy Morton's "Hyperobjects", 2013,

Art work/ Artists
Catherine Grau
Marissa Tesauro
Rum Cake Brigade

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