[-empyre-] "unpredictable onslaught of triggered memories of violence to my body"

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Christina wore from C-Theory: : 
“I feel my body is like a border; but, no, it is not itself a cyborg, because it (I) exist in some kind of condition of alterity outside technology even though I experience its operational architecture from the inside, as if from the inside of my body, heart and brain. It's a strange condition, liberating and uncomfortable: but better than the old psychotropic condition of enslavement, when in former times (before I entered the media labyrinth) my mind was hostage to the repetitive, unpredictable onslaught of triggered memories of violence to my body.”

Bishnu and Christina and Tim thanks so much for interweaving the notion of the network into our discussion again this week. Wondering if anyone has been thinking about the contagious reports that have filled the news over the last week filling the airwaves of sexual harassment claims against Roy Moore, the Senate candidate in Alabama.  The Washington Post broke the story about Moore’s sexual encounters with a fourteen-year old and other young girls shortly after prompting other women to come forward.  This story follows the expose a couple of weeks ago of Harvey Weinstein’s exploits in Hollywood as well as the publisher of Artforum , Knight Landesman, in the art world.  All of these accounts are of powerful men taking advantage of girls and women who are in dependent positions who have been physically violated yet the men’s accounts contaminate the truth with layers of innuendo and outright attacks on the women victims. 

Hoping a few of you will make connections if you have time. 

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