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Thanks Rahul, 
I just ordered Living on a Damaged Planet and am looking forward to reading it myself.  Hope many of you were also inspired by Cristina and Ellie’s discussion last month.  

Rahul can you talk a bit more about MCSers or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/environmental issues and the vishoka/katiya boundaries just to pick through this amazingly dense and interesting post? In doing a quick search it is my understanding the MCSers can be reactive to an environmental pathogen such as paint fumes but the reaction is attributed to the perception of the pathogen not actually the chemical pathogen itself.  In essence there may be a apparently physical response that is activated by the simulation of a pathogen. It’s possible to feign the reaction which I am hoping that Andrea will offer to comment about.  

How does the vishoka/kitiya boundaries play out in India?  Hope you don’t mind talking just a bit more about the details especially in relationship to contamination and media. 
More soon. 

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