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Hola Tod at xs,

Our Effluvian age,

This E-age calls on us to create magikal transformations with our artivism and avant-gardening that can capture all the demons that jump from toxic things to the Internet of things, from oil to Hush Puppies, from radiant dust to art bunkers-to route around the bubbling sludge around us and within us. Yet, no matter what we do the demons, that old Pazuzu, keep riding downwind. So we mark and draw out our exorcism of our lands, bodies and skies. We make circles and filters that attempt to contain our contagious condition-but something always keeps breaking out. So now we attempt to become more contagious,more viral, more weedy, more infecting-using our magik to become wilder beings-to be one in states of effuvian extimacy.

On a side note: How Hush Puppies Haunt Us Down:

Still, fear abounds.

“You just sort of lose your peace,” said one Plainfield Township resident, Meaghan Schweinzger, a day before crews arrived to remove rusty barrels and leather scraps from the hillside near her children’s trampoline.

Ms. Schweinzger’s well water is among at least 30 to have been found to exceed the federal government’s recommended lifetime exposure levels<https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/drinking-water-health-advisories-pfoa-and-pfos> for PFAS, also known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. She lives on the same street where Wolverine once dumped sludge that included Scotchgard, the waterproofing chemical used in Hush Puppies shoes that contained PFAS.



Miles From Flint, Residents Turn Off Taps in New Water Crisis<https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/24/us/michigan-water-wolverine-contamination.html>
Waste from a shoe factory has tainted groundwater in a Grand Rapids suburb. Some residents are skeptical of Michigan officials, who botched the response in Flint.

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So happy to warmly welcome Isak Berbic and Ian Alan Paul who will join Amy Sara Carroll, Ricardo Dominguez and Melinda Rackham.  So sorry I inadvertently left them off from yesterday’s introduction.

Isak Berbic (SFRY, US) In the 1990’s when Yugoslavia disintegrated and Sarajevo was under siege, Isak Berbic and his family escaped from the war to Croatia, lived in a refugee camp in Denmark, and received political asylum in the United States. Isak Berbic studied art at the Malmö Art Academy, Sweden, and at University of Illinois at Chicago, where he completed his MFA. In Chicago Isak produced initial pieces such as My Uncle’s Tooth, 2006, and also worked on publishing Zambak, an independent culture and politics publication for the North American communities of the Bosnian War diaspora. From 2007–2012 he was based in the United Arab Emirates, where he taught at University of Sharjah, producing site specific works, photographs, short films, including projects such as, Abu Dhabi, and, Sarajevo. Isak is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He teaches at The State University of New York at Stony Brook. At the moment he is working with saguaro cactus, hippopotamus fossils, juju beans, lapis, shrapnel and meteorites.

Ian Alan Paul (EG, US) s a transdisciplinary artist, theorist, and curator. His practice aims to produce novel conditions for the exploration of contemporary politics and aesthetics in global contexts. His projects often incorporate digital/new media, performance, and installation, and are informed by prolonged engagements with continental philosophy and critical/queer/feminist theory. His recent work has approached topics such as the Guantanamo Bay Prison, Fortress Europe, the Zapatista communities, Drone Warfare, and the military regime in post-revolution/post-coup Cairo.

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