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Hi all
Very much looking forward to this month's discussion!


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A special welcome back to all of our subscribers on -empyre- soft-skinned
space.  We have spent the last few weeks retooling our structure and we are
pleased to announce that in a few weeks we will be launching our new
website and our new -empyre- Editorial Board.  At this time we would like
to thank Soraya Murray and Derek Murray both of UC Santa Cruz for sitting
on our Moderating Team these last few years.  We are
thankful to them for introducing us to many new subscribers.  Best Wishes
to both Soraya and Derek.

Welcome Margaretha Haughwout who has organized this month’s topic: Radical
Aesthetics of Multispecies Worlding, Eco-Art, and Solidarity in a
More-than-human Capitalocene.  She will be introducing the topic and Week’s
1 guests shortly.  Margaretha teaches at Colgate University just north of
us here and we look forward to the topic.
Many thanks Margaretha.

Here is her biography.

Margaretha Haughwout’s personal and collaborative artwork explores the
intersectionsbetween ideas of technology and wilderness, digital networks
and the urban commons, cybernetics and whole systems permaculture — in the
context of
ecological, technological and human survival. Her active collaborations
includethe Guerrilla Grafters: an art/ activist group who graft fruit
bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental fruit trees, and the
Coastal Reading Group: consisting of artists from different coasts who
trouble the subjects of wilderness, speciation, humanness and ways of
knowing through diverse engagements with (non)humans. Haughwout and her
collaborators at Hayes Valley Farm, an interim-use urban permaculture farm
in downtown San Francisco, cultivated low input ecological systems and
developed a unique lateral governance structure that was able to engage a
range of different kinds of human input while still navigating complex
politics with city agencies. Haughwout has been awarded numerous grants for
community based work in San Francisco, and her personal and collaborative
artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Haughwout
received her MFA from the University of California Santa Cruz. In her
classes at Colgate University, she draws connections to legacies in
conceptual art, new media art, and collaboration, in order to foster
distributed, creative approaches to the interconnected issues of our time/s.

More soon including our announcement of the new -empyre- Editorial Board.
Best, Renate

Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
Tjaden Hall 306
rferro at cornell.edu

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