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Greetings -empyre- soft_skinned_space,

I'm so happy to introduce Antonio Roman-Alcalá, a friend who is active in
agroecology, solidarity movements, and urban policy. He hails from the San
Francisco Bay Area, where I've been inspired by a number of his projects.
Not only is he an incredible organizer, but he is also a great cultivator
of multispecies relationships, with a great wealth of knowledge. Antonio
has generously agreed to write in about agroecology, his work, and give us
a report back from his attendance at Via Campesina this summer.

Antonio Roman-Alcalá
Antonio Roman-Alcalá is an educator, researcher, writer, and organizer
based in Berkeley, California who has worked for just sustainable food and
political systems for the past 15 years. Antonio co-founded San Francisco’s
Alemany Farm http://www.alemanyfarm.org/, the San Francisco Urban
Agriculture Alliance http://www.sfuaa.org/, and the California Food Policy
and his 2010 documentary film, In Search of Good Food
http://www.insearchofgoodfood.org/, can be viewed free online. He holds a
BA from UC Berkeley, and an MA from ISS in The Hague. Currently, Antonio
maintains the blog antidogmatist.com http://www.antidogmatist.com/, teaches
with the Urban Permaculture Institute http://www.upisf.com/ and at UC Santa
Cruz, conducts activist-scholar research
https://iss.academia.edu/AntonioRomanAlcala, and leads the North American
Agroecology Organizing Project. He is also in search of new land to farm –
a tough prospect in the urbanized and gentrified San Francisco Bay Area!


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