[-empyre-] North Bay Fire and Desert Art Lab

Meredith Drum meredithdrum at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 16:51:56 AEDT 2017

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately April and Matt of Desert Art Lab might not be able to join us this week as they have had to evacuate their home due to the North Bay fire. I am sending them, and everyone in that area, my best wishes. Please be careful. 

I was looking forward to hearing from April and Matt about their focus on desert ecosystems, food justice and self-resilience. I would like to hear about their experiences working with communities using social practice methodologies to shift participants perception of deserts as empty and lifeless to deserts as full of opportunity. I think that my own work, particularly Fish Stories Community Cookbook, shares some methods and aims with Desert Art Lab.

Perhaps April and Matt can enter the discussion later this month. 


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