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Hello Empyre,

I just wanted to pick up on Margaretha's mention ofpermaculture, which I see as relating to the conceptof sustainability and, as Randall commented in relationto that, to regenerativity. I read the link Joline sentand feel like the work with kin is very importantin view of the disasters reated to failure to pay moreattention to caring for environmental issues. Perhapsthe threat of mass extinction of insects has alreadybeen mentioned--anyway I'd like to note its presencein the recent press. It has much to do, as Joline notes, with /inability to recover diversity/ as Deborah BirdRose writes of it in /double (multiple) death/ terms.Below also is a link from a 2005 artice in NationalGeographic dealing with insect extinction. Otherscholarly articles also came up in searches by thisnonexpert.... Best wishes to all, William (link >>>

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