[-empyre-] Has mediated natures changed your ideas of what communication is?

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Dear Grisha, Meredith, Julie, Jordan and Renate -- all of -empyre-

Lots here to consider. Definitely hearing a recurring theme of somatic
communication, of, as Grisha says, thinkingfeelingsensingacting -- that in
all of your work, we can't understand communication and action as being
separate.... This brings me back to Brian and Ben's prompting, and makes me
think of Haraway and Rose's breakdown of response-ability, the ability to
respond, as well as Julie's work on deepening an ethics of engagement based
on deepened observation.



On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 4:07 PM, Grisha Coleman <Grisha.Coleman at asu.edu>
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> Hello empyre. Tagging in at the end of the week here -
> Thanks Meredith for bringing me in and all of you for the rhizome of
ruminations and branches of practice.
> I do a good bit of investigation in the realm of human body and its
potentialities – so somatic practice and theory can be imagined as the
‘science’ of movement – but a self-reflecting science towards greater
awareness. One major principle across most somatic modalities is the
insight of ‘thinkingfeelingsensingacting’ – that in ourselves all these
phenomena happen simultaneously. A mouthful to say as one word, but even
more interesting to understand experientially – because our contemporary
situation does everything but support the sensingfeeling aspects of how we
move through the world, which I believe if paid more attention to, would
significantly shift perspective in ways that we collectively work with our
environments, lands and non-human creatures.
> I like the likening of body-land as metaphor in terms of temporal
perception and behavioral shifts. Body takes time, working with our nervous
system has its own language which is nonverbal and deeply experiential.
Bringing some of this practice to awareness, to consciousness could do so
much for the relational aspects of beings. So the ‘embodied’ part is not a
given, with us humans. I mean it is… and it isn’t very well developed. So,
time spent embodying ourselves [consciously linking] seems like a
foundational step to me, relating to animate, inanimate, food, soil, worms,
turtles, dancing with fish, etc.…
> Kindly, grisha
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