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Thanks Chris and to all of you who have posted photos and links.  Margaretha pointing out to me that the permissions on FACEBOOK were preventing members from posting.  I have reset the permissions so that now all you have to do is request to be a member.  As long as you are a member you can post.  I hope you will leave images, links etc on Facebook as well as our –empyre- listserv site here.


We are also on twitter @empyrelistserv

I’ve been enjoying lurking in on your dynamic conversations and want to thank Margaretha for organizing and moderating this month.

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EPA FIELD REPORT: Oct. 18, 2017

Today at the EPA we dug deep. And broke through some asphalt in the urban weeds garden.

The action was partly inspired by an improv movement workshop that we organized this summer called CRACK the Patriarchy -- where we traced the cracks in the asphalt and starting to think about our own bodies as a radicle that can get into all the openings where weeds push through. The movement and conversation from the workshop got us thinking about notions of value, comfort/discomfort, maintenance, emotional labor, healing and care, cultivation and gender.

I have to tell y'all it was so satisfying to break through. The asphalt is actually really spongey and malleable when you get down an inch or so. Almost like a thick cake or membrane. When the soil was exposed we placed our hands on the surface together and speculated on what seeds will take root. It felt like we picked off a little scab on the city's skin.

We'll keep you posted on any developments!


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