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So I am really thankful for the intellectual but also deeply heartfelt
ideation. I’m not used to sincerity in arts or academia, its refreshing. I
do think there are ways to interpret both Gaia eco-biomes, microbiomes
(see: https://www.sciartcenter.org/gut-instinct.html ) and all non-humans
without wisdomless projection. Im responding to many thoughtful posts and
then Elaine Gan and Julie Andreyev asking is Media is always interspecies?
Yes... we don't act alone, we are not solid units but swarms and gaggles of
Margulis’ microcosmos and sex interpolation of endosymbionts inside of
other endosymbiotes ad infinitum along with Haraway’s Modest_Witness at Second
_Millenium: Femaleman Meets Oncomouse inclusion of our lab experimental
beings as both sacrificial familiars and hidden reversals of our
nonessential isness. I am also tlaking about the fact that all of us know
that we can often experience the more-than -human as well as human tricks
we thought were human only ... like third level ironic crows or penis
fencing worms that are into power-play. There is a healthy paranoia
associated with knowing that your thoughts and acts are of inhuman origin,
but bacteria living in your navel have a theory for why certain pheremones
they release leave to certain navel-centric microbiomic effects. They may
not be driving us to get snail trailery... but we are often trained
behaviorally to go out and get the doughnuts for our conspecifics.

See how ancient parasitical spirochetes may be the real reason for global
warming:  " Is it possible that the development of the mammalian brain is
the result of a pathogenic disease that is composed of solely behavioral
symptoms? This would put the entire human project, human threats to the
atmosphere in particular, under the scrutiny of a near conspiratorial
(con-spiro-torial?) eye. The very fact that Eucaryotes hold the earth's
oxygen layer in disdain, should provide a clarity of motive for what would
otherwise be a motiveless crime, mentality. " -

My microbiome continues to quote it's wet cloud (minimalist translation

“The resistance to antianthropocentrism has used anthropomorphizing of our
nonhuman others as a critique of animal studies concepts of working with
the rest of life’s worldings. Skeptical debunking of human or person
ability to know another object ignores All Organisms Living (AOL) familial
common origin— from Archaea on down. We are they, be they: another person,
another species, or another material, in any scale, any sensual view or any
emo-cognitive habitus.”

…affinity, intuition and aesthetic connotative states should not be
reactively called anthropomorphism. We morphed together endo/semi/
symbiotically from common ancestors, and we are capable translators of our
initial and deep- time original experiences. We live and perceive through
innate microbomorphism, archaeamorphism, and even inanimatemorphism. This
vital splay, a fecund and passionate series, is also teeming with
microbiomes, epigenetic gene expression patterns, habituated niche
sedentariness, and a certain gravity. Are sympathetic relations to others
anthropocentrism, or is the microbialcentrist memory? What sort of human
real trans-species relational ability might be due to our archaic common
origin with other all life?”

from VASTAL: The Vivoarts School for Transgenic Aesthetics, Ltd., Special
Section: Leonardo Abstracts Service: Top-Rated LABS Abstracts 2016 :
Leonardo Volume 50, Number 5, 2017 p. 536,

Minimalist Translation (MT) : All life is related and so we basically know
what it is like to be a generic organism. Multicellular entities are
basically large cells with mostly the same experiences in the world. We can
often see and feel other life accurately without anthropomophising because
humans are just a subset of all life. AOL always has sensation, emotion,
personality and culture.

Appreciation for difference and lust for mutagenic anatomies is not new
even if intolerance and xenophobia are not new either. Questions of naïve
humans and invented non-living movers are not entertained well by this
entity’s agnostic BS detector due to a vivocentric bias. The mysteries I am
willing to promote have their basis in chthonic animism, panspermia and
re-enchantment with wet life. Even life debased is pained life as a
morphological joy to be a part of, while falling apart and becoming raw
material for the next round of folding, generative (taken apart and remixed
see: salad bar) for continued omni-directional seeping. Its true, poisoned
superfund weeds grow on, make embryonic seed and airdrop our kin on and on
regardless if the fatality and inability to hold true to anatomical shape
is strained. Not giving up: a holding on like barnacles life has.
Tendentious, fatalistic, incongruous, persistant. I often think that
rewilding of human societies as deprogramming is habitat renewal of an
anthropo-decentered futures. But, considering mortal ruin without talking
about the sexwork that is just existence brings me consistently to beefcake
retro downgraded loneliness. This royal urban techno zoophilia leaves me no
cheer, unless I can focus on David Lee Roth when he says, “Life goes on
without me”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN-4lX0QyZc Long live
impermanence and finding charged depths in every nook and cranny, every
armpit and every ant hair. Unfortunately, until love-for-sale, service
based capitalocene marketing of bud dry schemata, no body, no body, life as
an endless product orientation seminar, rescinds it's ugly head, we can
just keep singing about Just Being as Being a Gigolo.
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