[-empyre-] post from Aviva Rahmani :: on the 'Lichen mentors and slime mold oracles' thread

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Mon Oct 23 01:16:20 AEDT 2017

Dear -empyre-

This post comes from our larger readership, from Aviva Rahmani:

"Just dipping briefly into this fascinating thread, so dear to my
heart because The Blued Trees Symphony is predicated on supporting the
life of mosses (from the paint on trees that is made from buttermilk),
I hope I didn’t miss this, but on the topic of mentorship, guidance
from vegetative species and the semiotics of attention, has the word
“dependency,” come up? We often speak to our interdependence with
other species, but what about our actual dependence on other life?
Hope I’m not being redundant with that question to previous posts I
may have missed, but to me, there’s a vast diff between
interdependence, even guidance, and actual dependency that goes to the
exercise of a profound humility, even helplessness in relation to
other life. Curious about comments on that language."


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