[-empyre-] AOL All Organisms Living and “Life goes on without me”

margaretha haughwout margaretha.anne.haughwout at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 11:00:39 AEDT 2017

Adam, I love this post, and thank your microbiome for quoting its wet
cloud and for clarifying our promiscuous more-than-human ancestors (as
well as our presents).

I am curious how and where "you" locate the ethical; what constitutes
it, and how does it function. Does your entity's BS detector operate
in service to the ethical (I do always feel grateful for its ethics).

We can extend this to the larger set of discussants as well. How does
the ethical function in your work, and how is it determined?

In gratitude as we (sadly) near the end of Week 3.

> Appreciation for difference and lust for mutagenic anatomies is not new even if intolerance and xenophobia are not new either. Questions of naïve humans and invented non-living movers are not entertained well by this entity’s agnostic BS detector due to a vivocentric bias. The mysteries I am willing to promote have their basis in chthonic animism, panspermia and re-enchantment with wet life. Even life debased is pained life as a morphological joy to be a part of, while falling apart and becoming raw material for the next round of folding, generative (taken apart and remixed see: salad bar) for continued omni-directional seeping. Its true, poisoned superfund weeds grow on, make embryonic seed and airdrop our kin on and on regardless if the fatality and inability to hold true to anatomical shape is strained. Not giving up: a holding on like barnacles life has. Tendentious, fatalistic, incongruous, persistant. I often think that rewilding of human societies as deprogramming is habitat renewal of an anthropo-decentered futures. But, considering mortal ruin without talking about the sexwork that is just existence brings me consistently to beefcake retro downgraded loneliness. This royal urban techno zoophilia leaves me no cheer, unless I can focus on David Lee Roth when he says, “Life goes on without me”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN-4lX0QyZc Long live impermanence and finding charged depths in every nook and cranny, every armpit and every ant hair. Unfortunately, until love-for-sale, service based capitalocene marketing of bud dry schemata, no body, no body, life as an endless product orientation seminar, rescinds it's ugly head, we can just keep singing about Just Being as Being a Gigolo.

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