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In my last post I had an unfinished sentence..."Even Skinner proposed a
hate" That was an unfinished idea left unedited due to attending to my
son's fabulous drawings. What I had in mind was to say - "Even Skinner
proposed a hate-free intentional community called Walden Two which inspired
formation such planned communities as Twin Oaks, Los Horcones and Utopia
2000." - https://www.twinoakscommunity.org/walden-two-community?showall=1 .

There is even a magazine review of Walden Two type Behaviorist Communes:
Communities Magazine #103 (Summer 1999) – Walden Two Communities,

Worth looking into the culture of retirement homes for primates from
biomeical experimentation... There was talk of using behaviorally trained
non-humans as much of our human labor force and the unions missed the
chance to unionize non-humans. Instead, unions busied themselves protecting
human workers from being replaced by pigeons and rats... just as now the
unions will have to fight against the robot scabs and anti-union robot
employers. Is this Luddites against animal rights or are anti-union
employers pestilence>? I love organized labor and no trained rodent should
ever cross a picket line ... check out these class based inflatable
animals: greedy pig, fat capitalist cat strangling a worker for money, I
smell a reeky scumbag skunk, the union rat fink - Scabby the Rat, festering
nippled, ass kiss strike breaker monster:

This is wild, there is even an inflatable three headed Cerberus dog and now
big brown roaches, union BullDog... quite the range of labor
anthropomorphizing. Lets think about the use of nonHuman phobic disgust
caricatures as speciesist. Trained animals as work forces have existed from
the early herding dogs, the factory workhorses of early industrialism to
the workhorses of molecular biology... not to mention that Meat is Labor.
It may be time for non-humans and robots and transgenic humans to gain
access to the collective bargaining of the Wobblies... Please
intermittently reinforce this as a concept!
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